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What is DesignJam?

At the front end of idea incubation, DesignJam services and tools are co-creative, design-fueled & human-centred. We bring practical, hands-on learning experiences to help you create a business idea, or make business more creative. More about DesignJam.

BigTent Events

Attend our all day workshop in Toronto, March 28th. Hear from industry leaders and learn from experienced mentors.


We travel around Ontario too. Attend a workshop in your city.


Learn on the go! Our event videos, podcasts and booklets are accessible online.

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DesignJam provides videos, podcasts, glossaries and other tools for design thinking. Additional resources may be accessed from Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab)

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A DesignJam ‘BigTent’ is a multi-channel jamboree – an all-day event that gathers up to a hundred design leaders & learners, sharing ideas & tools while working to understand and address a complex problem. We're planning more BigTent events together with communities in Ontario.

Our first BigTent, nicknamed "TrafficJam," illuminated opportunities & challenges of traffic and transit in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) in March 2015 at MaRS in downtown Toronto.

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DesignJam offers a series of workshops in different locations across Ontario. Check out some of our upcoming events below.

  • Live Drawing for Communication & Co-Creation

    Wednesday Oct 28, 2015 9:30am–4pm Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab)

    Sometimes words are not enough to fully engage in the important conversations of our lives. The aim of the afternoon session is to deepen live and real-time visual communication skills through drawing.

  • DesignJam Toronto: “TrafficJam”

    Saturday Mar 28, 2015 9am–5pm MaRS Discovery District, auditorium & atrium

    DesignJam "TrafficJam" is an all-day innovation jamboree – a curated open space guiding more than a hundred design leaders & design learners, sharing ideas, tools & perspectives, to better understand & address a complex problem. Nicknamed "TrafficJam," DesignJam Toronto gathers young leaders, mentors, teams and aspiring entrepreneurs to conceive innovative user experiences and activate ideas to improve mobility in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.

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  • Knowing Yourself

    Thursday Mar 12, 2015 9am–1:30pm OCAD University, Toronto

    What you bring to the table as an individual is really important. Knowing yourself allows you to act with confidence, to be a high-contributing member to your team, your workplace and to society.  

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