What you bring to the table as an individual is really important. Knowing yourself allows you to act with confidence, to be a high-contributing member to your team, your workplace and to society.  

This workshop takes advantage of contemporary theories and ideas about leadership and organizational behavior. Through short sprints of lecture, personal assessment quizzes and reflection, you’ll identify and examine your own individual style of creativity, communication, and management.

Participants will have greater understanding of their own:

  • Personal, creative, communication and negotiation styles
  • Contemporary leadership qualities and team impacts
  • High-performance team processes and management

Each participant should leave with heightened self-awareness of his or her own team contributions, together with tools for further team management and leadership development.

Critique with Suzanne Stein

About the Facilitator


Stuart Candy portraitSuzanne Stein (@Suzzle) is a foresight analyst, mentor, and educator. Working in the domain of new technologies, her practice domains span business strategy, organizational change, and experience design. Focusing on innovative approaches and methods, Suzanne is a leader in foresight and ethnographic techniques, and is always on the prowl for  mechanisms of positive change. She also works with the CFC Media Lab where she holds a faculty post.