Director, Aboriginal Ambassador

Andre Morriseau (Ojibway) is Director of Awards and Communications for the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and an enthusiastic advocate and ambassador for Aboriginal arts, culture and public affairs. A member of Fort William First Nation (Thunder Bay) where he maintains a home, Mr. Morriseau is based in Toronto. As former host of UrbaNative at CIUT, and Nation to Nation on Aboriginal Voices Radio, he shared countless stories of Indigenous peoples' experiences. Andre also worked for National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF, now Indspire) and Chiefs of Ontario (COO). He has served on boards including Ontario Arts Council (OAC), ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, Native American Journalist's Association (NAJA) and Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre. Mr. Morriseau is recipient of City of Toronto Aboriginal Affairs Award and Jer’s Vision Canada’s Youth Role Model of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award.

Member, Fort William First Nation Nation to Nation on Aboriginal Voices Radio National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Chiefs of Ontario Ontario Arts Council magineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival Native American Journalist's Association (NAJA) Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

How might we re-­energize our economy through entrepreneurship and social innovation?

This special event brings together catalysts for individual and collective development of entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario: government representatives, community organizations, industry, academic experts, and young people. Using a Design Thinking process, we will gain new and fresh insight into persistent issues in an interactive format.

We'll explore "How might we diversify our economic foundation, support young people in transition, build and foster diversity andrevitalize downtown areas in Northern Ontario cities?"

#NorthJam: A Collective Discussion for Northern Ontario is a unique event for 50 people at two locations, who will explore economic development and social innovation in Northern Ontario, through Design Thinking processes. The speakers will be simulcast to both locations, and the workshops will be facilitated locally with north / south shared reporting. 

This gathering, which is the precursor to a larger conference in Summer 2017, will be led by OCAD University and Algoma University in a unique partnership between Northern and Southern Ontario institutions, bringing together in depth knowledge of entrepreneurship and social innovation from the North and Design Thinking processes from the South.

Expert "Lightning Talks" will set the context, describing entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario and proposing why is it important as an engine economic development as well as for social change. The interactive sessions facilitate connections and conversations, bringing clarity to the topic, surfacing existing initiatives, nurturing potential partnerships and strengthening collective commitment to entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario.

The results of this conference will shape a larger conference called INTERSECTION in North Ontario: Entrepreneurship and Social innovation. This will be a larger, two-day event in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, which will build on the August conference and develop further conversations and connections across Northern Ontario.

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