Kate Sellen Portait
Human-Centred Researcher & Educator

Kate Sellen is a reoccuring facilitator and community member at workshops and BigTent events.

She has been involved in digital design since 1998 in many industry and government settings. Development of new tools and methods has always been a motivator in her work. Digital innovation in medical settings is a topic that poses particular ethical and practical challenges. Kate's research focuses on new technology and medical error, to create evidence-based designs for safer & more efficient healthcare.


DesignJam LP: Toolkit for Human-Centredness

Become exposed to a variety of useful service design tools, methods, and applications as well as what to avoid when using a human-centered design approach. 

Storytelling, Culture & Design

Design can reinforce or disturb a community's culture. It has consequences and carries its own set of values.

Problem Framing

In order to solve a problem, you must first frame it. 

Avoid Narrow Problem Framing

Understanding Different Human Needs

Tacit and Latent Knowledge