Switching Tracks

Rosa Parks made civil rights history on a public transportation system. Justice and equity are not abstract concepts and we keep struggling to get things right – even in traffic and transit. Expert in global sub/urban futures, professor Dr. Roger Keil, and big-picture planner Sean Hertel, talk about Toronto’s systemic segregation, the difference between equality and equity, transit equity, the Metrolinx $50 billion dollar plan to counteract structural inequities as well as tools and methods to bring about equity. 

Finding Joy in Pubic Transit

How do we bring joy in getting from A to B? Dr. Matti Siemiatycki talks about why things are they way they are in regards to traffic and transit but he also talks about how to change them. So far they have been an efficiency project, but a shift towards creating an enjoyable public transit experience will distrupt the old way of looking at transit problems.