How might we re-­energize our economy through entrepreneurship and social innovation?

This special event brings together catalysts for individual and collective development of entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario: government representatives, community organizations, industry, academic experts, and young people. Using a Design Thinking process, we will gain new and fresh insight into persistent issues in an interactive format.

We'll explore "How might we diversify our economic foundation, support young people in transition, build and foster diversity andrevitalize downtown areas in Northern Ontario cities?"

#NorthJam: A Collective Discussion for Northern Ontario is a unique event for 50 people at two locations, who will explore economic development and social innovation in Northern Ontario, through Design Thinking processes. The speakers will be simulcast to both locations, and the workshops will be facilitated locally with north / south shared reporting. 

This gathering, which is the precursor to a larger conference in Summer 2017, will be led by OCAD University and Algoma University in a unique partnership between Northern and Southern Ontario institutions, bringing together in depth knowledge of entrepreneurship and social innovation from the North and Design Thinking processes from the South.

Expert "Lightning Talks" will set the context, describing entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario and proposing why is it important as an engine economic development as well as for social change. The interactive sessions facilitate connections and conversations, bringing clarity to the topic, surfacing existing initiatives, nurturing potential partnerships and strengthening collective commitment to entrepreneurship and social innovation in Northern Ontario.

The results of this conference will shape a larger conference called INTERSECTION in North Ontario: Entrepreneurship and Social innovation. This will be a larger, two-day event in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, which will build on the August conference and develop further conversations and connections across Northern Ontario.

Show Notes

NorthJam Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business NORDIK Institute Shabby Motley Coffee Shop

Life's Traffic Jam

Can we design think our way out of a traffic jam? It’s time to get practical with Jen Leonard as she talks Drake, mass transit, analogous thinking, traffic jams and forks in the road. Design thinking is an open adventure, with no maps or signs but a practice that allows for a multitude of different specialists from different disciplines to creatively solve problems.

The New City is Coming

Traffic is messy. But not to fear, the new city is coming. Peter Stoyko talks the liveable city, traffic cultures, innovations and challenges from cities around the world and how we can incorporate them to solve our traffic & mobility issues.

Switching Tracks

Rosa Parks made civil rights history on a public transportation system. Justice and equity are not abstract concepts and we keep struggling to get things right – even in traffic and transit. Expert in global sub/urban futures, professor Dr. Roger Keil, and big-picture planner Sean Hertel, talk about Toronto’s systemic segregation, the difference between equality and equity, transit equity, the Metrolinx $50 billion dollar plan to counteract structural inequities as well as tools and methods to bring about equity. 

Finding Joy in Pubic Transit

How do we bring joy in getting from A to B? Dr. Matti Siemiatycki talks about why things are they way they are in regards to traffic and transit but he also talks about how to change them. So far they have been an efficiency project, but a shift towards creating an enjoyable public transit experience will distrupt the old way of looking at transit problems.

Torch Lecture: Incubating the Future of Design Education with Debera Johnson

How can we incubate the future of design education and change the world at the same time? Get an inside look and meet some of the key people and projects that have shaped the success of the Pratt Institute's Centre for Sustainable Design Strategies. Both a platform to launch a green business and a design consultancy for world projects, the Incubator offers a unique way to use the power of networks, collaboration and community to get things done.

sLab Explorations: What Design Can Teach Business (& vice versa) with Nathan Shedroff

What can design teach the world of business? And what might business bring to design? With the business world finally focusing on innovation, design has become a new (if ill-understood) priority for managers and leaders. But the real innovation isn't the need for more products and services but to innovate what business, itself, means and how it functions. Nathan Shedroff is a pioneer in interaction and experience design and serial entrepreneur who now focused on how design and sustainability can inform and transform business as we know it.