DesignJam "TrafficJam" is an all-day innovation jamboree – a curated open space guiding more than a hundred design leaders & design learners, sharing ideas, tools & perspectives, to better understand & address a complex problem. Nicknamed "TrafficJam," DesignJam Toronto gathers young leaders, mentors, teams and aspiring entrepreneurs to conceive innovative user experiences and activate ideas to improve mobility in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.

Design Jam 

The theme: “TrafficJam”: How can we improve mobility in our region?

Finding & meeting challenges & opportunities for improving traffic & transit in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) through design thinking, innovation & entrepreneurship.


How can we improve mobility in our region?

Facilitators & Mentors

Our spotlight is slated to feature great people including:

  • Adam Lawrence, service innovation director & co-initiator of Global Sustainability Jam, GovJam & Service Jam, the world's biggest service design event
  • Jennifer Leonard, founder of Brand New Ways, IDEO alumna, co-author of Massive Change
  • Peter Stoyko, Industry Canada service designer whose work visually unpacks urban mobility
  • Matti Siemiatycki, U of T expert in transportation policy, infrastructure, and planning
  • Roger Keil, York University research chair whose work illuminates global suburbanization

Workshop choices include

Better Futures

Strategic foresight

Mapping Mobility
Visual thinking & visual production

Making Systems Human-Centred
Service design thinking

Designing Flourishing Business
Sustainable business architecture



9–10:30 am  Welcome, Orientation, Lightning Talks
10:30–12 am Morning Workshops
12–1:30 pm Food, fuel, music
1:30–3 pm Afternoon Workshops
3:30–4:15 pm   Workshop Reports & design critique
4:15–5pm Expert feedback & panel


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Organized by Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) as part of OCAD University's Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA), DesignJam has support from OCE and ONE in partnership with MaRS and OCADU's Imagination Catalyst. We draw from methods and insights developed in OCADU's Strategic Foresight & Innovation (SFI) community, a unique graduate program creating new kind of designer: a strategist who sees the world from a human perspective and re-thinks what is possible; an innovator who imagines, plans and develops a better world.

Life's Traffic Jam

Can we design think our way out of a traffic jam? It’s time to get practical with Jen Leonard as she talks Drake, mass transit, analogous thinking, traffic jams and forks in the road. Design thinking is an open adventure, with no maps or signs but a practice that allows for a multitude of different specialists from different disciplines to creatively solve problems.

The New City is Coming

Traffic is messy. But not to fear, the new city is coming. Peter Stoyko talks the liveable city, traffic cultures, innovations and challenges from cities around the world and how we can incorporate them to solve our traffic & mobility issues.

Switching Tracks

Rosa Parks made civil rights history on a public transportation system. Justice and equity are not abstract concepts and we keep struggling to get things right – even in traffic and transit. Expert in global sub/urban futures, professor Dr. Roger Keil, and big-picture planner Sean Hertel, talk about Toronto’s systemic segregation, the difference between equality and equity, transit equity, the Metrolinx $50 billion dollar plan to counteract structural inequities as well as tools and methods to bring about equity. 

Finding Joy in Pubic Transit

How do we bring joy in getting from A to B? Dr. Matti Siemiatycki talks about why things are they way they are in regards to traffic and transit but he also talks about how to change them. So far they have been an efficiency project, but a shift towards creating an enjoyable public transit experience will distrupt the old way of looking at transit problems.